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At DU-FRANC & PARTNERS LTD we understand the importance of Quantity Surveyors in the decision-making process throughtout the management of a project from inception to final completion. That is why we strive to deliver top notch Quantity surveying solution to our clients. Our expertise in the drafting and interpretation of contract documents, enables us the settle issles, value works fairly and regularly up to project completion, avoid disputes and ensure the effective progress of a project.

Our methods employed covered a range of activities which include cost planning, value engineering, value management, feasibility studies, cost benefit analysis, life-cycle costing, risk analysis, tendering, valuation, change control, dispute resolution, claims management, project management, cost estimation and value for money assessments.

We are also able to carry out estimations and measurement of construction works prior to tender; produce bills or quantities,tender documents, evaluate tenders and manage the entire tender process. We manage the resultant contract through periodic valuations, variations control, contract administration and assessment of claims.


At DU-FRANC & PARTNERS LTD, we understand our clients needs, requirements and what makes project successful. We also understand the role of each memeber of the project team, so we are able to manage the entire team and project stages in achieving the key success factors of time, cost and quality.

As professional project manager, our services includes but not limit to the co-ordination of the activities of the project teams (i.e. Quantity Surveyors, Engineers (Structural and Services) Architects, Contracts, Sub-contractors and Specialist suppliers), liaising between the parties and providing regular reports to our clients during pre-contract and post-contract period.


At DU-FRANC & PARTNERS LTD, procurement consultancy is at its best practice. We play a crucial role in bringing about profound changes in the purchasing profession through the use of competent staff with sound professional background and outstanding negotiating skills.

Whatever the siaze of company and however large ot small a project is, we provide flexible and robust procurement solutions to help our clients' businesses become more effective, profitable and successful by applying the best practice to all their procurement and sourcing activities.

Our approach delivers results through:

Cost and risk Reduction

Supplier collaboration


Business and Procurement intelligance etc.


Construction Management/Management Contacting Services.

This procurement services is a one stop co-ordination and management of the construction activities from inception to completion. We are appointed by the client to take responsibility of all planning, construction and delivery of the facilities of theoccupation.

Schedule of Delapidation

We are able to produce an itemised document describing the work to be executed in casing of renovation of exiting buildings

Replacement cost Annlysis and Valuation.

This is either prepare for investment purposes or after an outbreak of fire usually, usually to no the cost of rebuilding or restating damage or defective elements of the structure, This would then be used to assess the amount to be paid by an insurance company.

For investment purposes the valuation is carried out to arrive at the ecomony value of the property(s) and comparing this to the true cost of procuring the same at the time of valuation or projected to the future.

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